Va Lease Agreement

E. The lessor must inform the tenant in writing of the deductions provided for in this section on the tenant`s deposit during the lease. This notice shall be made within thirty days of the finding of the deduction of input VAT and shall set out the reasons therefly in the manner referred to in Subsection F. Such notification is not required for deductions made less than 30 days before the termination of the rental agreement. If the landlord intentionally fails to comply with this section, the court orders the return of the surety to the tenant, as well as actual damages and reasonable attorneys` fees, unless the tenant owes rent to the lessor, in which case the court orders an amount equal to the bond that will be charged to the lessor on the rent due to the lessor. In the event that the damage caused to the premises exceeds the amount of the deposit and requires the services of a third party, the lessor has reported this in writing to the tenant within the 45-day period prescribed in subsection A. If this subsection is terminated, the lessor has an additional period of 15 days to make a breakdown of the damage and repair costs. This section does not prevent the owner or lessee from claiming other damages to which he is entitled under this chapter. The holder of the lessor`s share of the premises at the time of termination of the lease, regardless of how the interest is acquired or transferred, is bound by this section and is obliged to recover any security received by the original lessor and duly due to the lessee, whether or not such security is transferred with the interest of the lessor by law or equity. regardless of any contractual agreement between the original lessor and his assigns. “deposit” means any refundable deposit paid by a tenant to a lessor to ensure compliance with the conditions of a rental contract, as a guarantee for damage caused to the rented premises or as a deposit for pets. However, this money is considered an application bond until the beginning of the lease. “Surety” does not include damage insurance or tenant insurance, as defined in article 55.1-1206, which were acquired by a lessor to insure a tenant.

D. Nothing in this section shall be construed as prohibiting the lessor from making the decision on the surety before the expiry of the 45-day period prescribed in subdivision A and from increasing an administrative fee for such expedited processing if the lease so provides and the lessee requests expedited processing in a separate written document. If a tenant wishes to evacuate at the end of the lease, a formal termination must take place if the lease states that it is automatically renewed. This applies to the landlord who does not wish to renew the lease with the tenant.. . .

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