Simple Lease Agreement Maine

To terminate a rental agreement after authorization or a monthly lease without justification, both parties must allow a period of 30 days. Applies to all rental agreements for which the tenant is responsible for the payment of ancillary costs directly or through the lessor. You cannot terminate a fixed-term rental agreement unless the tenant has not paid the rent or violates any of the provisions of the rental agreement that you have expressly indicated and that could lead to termination. However, you can initiate eviction proceedings if the tenant remains in possession for at least 7 days without your consent, without notice. Maine leases allow a landlord and tenant to agree on the use of residential or commercial space. The tenant can pay for the agreed area in return for a monthly payment to the owner. In Maine, if a document has been agreed, signed, and each party has been accepted, the form becomes legally binding on both the landlord and tenant. It is a rebuttable presumption that you took revenge on a tenant by terminating the lease within 6 months after the tenant complained about the apartment or filed a fair housing complaint, requested repairs, or participated in a tenants` association. The Maine Standard Residential Lease Agreement is an official document describing the terms agreed by both the landlord and the tenant with respect to the rental of an apartment, house or bedroom.

Once the lessor and tenant have signed the lease, the lessor requires the tenant to pay a deposit. This is a kind of insurance covering the duration of the rental contract, covering the costs of damage to the property, missed payments and other expenses for which the tenant can be held responsible. In Maine, pursuant to Section 6032, the landlord is limited to calculating a maximum of two (2) monthly rents. Maine Residential Rental Lease Contract. This is a standard lease agreement for Maine. For a custom rental agreement tailored to your specific situation, use the rental widget above. The Maine commercial lease can be used by property owners who want to allow a tenant to occupy their offices, industrial or retail. A commercial tenant can be either an individual or a business unit, and the rental space is often equipped or prepared by the lessor in a way that meets the operational needs of the business.

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