Debt Collection Retainer Agreement

Our contingency charges are based on the dollar amount of debt. To hire a lawyer from our firm, all clients have the obligation to honor a retainer contract for services. Our retainer agreements describe the type of service to be provided as well as all costs and fees applied to all services provided by the company. We strongly recommend that all customers review our retainer agreement before receiving our services. If you have any questions or concerns related to the Retainer Agreement, you should address these concerns to your satisfaction before performing the Retainer Agreement. This deposit applies to court fees, service proceeding fees and related expenses if we accept your case. If we refuse, we will immediately refund your credit or credit card charge and invalidate the agreement. Our retainer agreements, and in particular our service fees, may differ between the different services we offer and may be changed from year to year. Currently, you are in our area of debt relief services and we use success fee billing for all of our debt collection relief services. We will return a signed copy of the agreement as soon as we take over the case! As we invest our time, know-how and efforts in contingency fees, we ask our clients to show their commitment in their case by agreeing to pay all the fees out of their own pocket. We are asking for a $575 reward. We request that it be sent by check with the Retainer Agreement signed or you can deposit it directly into our customer trust account with each Wells Fargo bank, in accordance with the attached instructions, or submit it by credit card via the following link: The company offers a reduced percentage fee for all amounts arising from a relationship with a mass customer. To qualify as a mass customer, you must make more than ten collection cases available to the company in a calendar year.

Please contact us to discuss fees for mass lifetimes. For a debt of $50,000 and below, we charge a fee of 33.3333% for collection and 35% recovery fee in the event of a dispute initiated by the company. All legal costs, trial or landlord delivery costs must be judged by the company and reimbursed by the customer to the company. The only cost to the client is the cost of all expenses incurred by the company to collect the debt, first and foremost court costs, termination costs for procedural costs and landlord fees, or costs incurred by the company to settle a debt. For debt relief services, contingency charges for services between the client and the business are pre-negotiated and are based on the percentage of the total debt that the company avoids the customer having to pay to their creditor. . . .

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