Cross River Rail Project Agreement

Once the Cross River Rail Project is operational, network capacity will be increased for more frequent rail services and better connection to other public transport, which will ease congestion pressure on our main roads, as more people opt for rail. In the coming months, the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority will work with the consortia to finalize the project schedule. On 30 August 2017, the Queensland Government and the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority held a sector briefing which provided a comprehensive overview of the project as well as the procurement schedule. The main work of the CRR has been divided into two packages: through integration with roads and bus services, the project makes it possible to set up a rotation and transport system for the whole of south-east Queensland. ETCS functions are important for the safe operation of trains through the twin Cross River Rail tunnels, which makes our rail network smarter and helps us take more trains more often. The members assigned to this project are Assistant President Asbury and Vice President Dean. State Development Minister Kate Jones today visited Redcliffe Peninsula Avopiling in Clontarf, one of a growing number of Queensland companies benefiting from the Palaszczuk government`s investment in Cross River Rail. Avopiling has secured two subcontracts from Cross River Rail worth nearly $US 6 million. Development Minister Kate Jones said Clontarf`s activities are a great example of the Palaszczuk government`s role in supporting Queensland businesses through the COVID recovery.

“Major infrastructure projects funded by the Land Government are critical to Queensland`s economic recovery,” she said. “At the moment, Cross River Rail already supports more than 2,000 jobs. At the peak of construction, this figure will be rather 3,000. “But it`s the effects of flows on local businesses like Avopiling that will help boost our economy if we need it most.” Avopiling supports 38 workers – people who have had job security during this pandemic thanks to Queensland`s largest infrastructure project. “It is one of more than 400 local businesses that have already benefited from our $5.4 billion investment in Cross River Rail.” More than 90% of the contracts were with companies based in Queensland. Ms Jones said that in Woolloongabba, more than 300 piles have been put in the ground to support a brand new subway station. On Albert Street, the ram is still in progress, nearly a hundred stakes having already been used. “Local contracts mean local jobs – that`s what this project is all about,” Jones said.

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