Apple Developer Programme Licence Agreement

Same problem. I report a bug report under The license agreement for the iOS developer program and the license agreement for the Mac development program have been consolidated into a single license agreement for the Apple developer program. To create new apps and upload binaries to iOS and Mac App Store, the user must review and accept this agreement in the member center with the role of Team Agent. I just agreed to the same deal with another developer account I have, everything worked right away. I accepted into the membership center, and then he appeared in “Accords, Tax and Banking” at ITC, and I accepted there too. It lasted two minutes. No problem. Oh no. My company`s Dev account still has a problem. I`ll wait a day or two, if things haven`t changed, I`ll contact Apple and have them sort this out. If things change, I will report in this thread. Excellent. It worked for me too.

Apparently, the news was wrong in my case (since I know I had announced the deal the day before). I accepted the agreement yesterday morning. This morning, I noticed that the site had gone down. It`s 6.15pm in the UK, and I was able to sign up for iTunes Connect. I really can`t find anything on iTunes Connect. This must be a problem on Apple servers. In the Member Center, the new agreement will be displayed in the account settings/legal agreements of July 28, 2015. There are _two_ places to check: Member Center & iTC, Tax and Banking.

2. Передача Apple Лицензированных прилозений 1. Назначение агента и комиссионера 3.6 В случае если из суммы платежа Конечного пользователя за Лицензированные приложения удерживается (i) какой-либо сбор; или (ii) налог с продаж, налог на использование, налог на товары и услуги. VAT or any other tax or tax that is not collected by Apple in accordance with clause 3.2 of this document; or (iii) any other state tax or tax of any kind, the amount of such tax or tax is fully payable at your expense, and the amount of compensation to which Apple is entitled under Appendix 2 is not reduced. 2.1 You communicate Apple at your own expense through the iTunes Connect panel or other mechanisms offered by Apple, which require licensed applications, information about licensed applications and associated metadata in this manner and in the format defined by Apple and as for the transmission of the licensed applications in accordance with Appendix 2. The metadata you transmit to Apple in accordance with Appendix 2 includes: (i) the name and version number of each licensed application; (ii) the countries in which Apple`s end users allow the download of licensed applications; (iii) references to copyright and intellectual property rights; iv) your privacy policy, if any; (v) your End User License Agreement (“EULA”), if any, in accordance with point 4.2 of this Annex 2; and (vi) any additional metadata listed in the documentation and/or iTunes Connect and updated regularly, including metadata intended to improve the search for content on your Apple device. . .


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