Apa Yg Dimaksud Dengan Gentlemen Agreement

The debate on Pancasila should always be done to refresh the conscience in the context of nationality and the state. This awareness is very important to remember and achieve the common goal of the construction of “Indonesia” agreed since August 17, 1945. Often, the existence of Indonesia is taken for granted, it exists for itself, without history, without agreement and is ultimately considered to still exist. In fact, reality is not always like that. By the grace of God, almighty and driven by a noble desire to lead a free national life, the Indonesian people proclaimed their independence. Of course, this type of effort garnered protests from different quarters and eventually led to an almost chaotic situation at the end of New Order`s reign. Pancasila`s ideological efforts in the private sector, in one way or another, will only divide the nation, not strengthen unity. In fact, Pancasila`s function is a gentlemen`s agreement and not a column. Moreover, this ideological process was deliberately created to get rid of a certain group of forces that contributed to the birth of this nation.

The end will certainly lead to the disintegration of this nation. If all parties were in agreement with what happened with this nation, all parties should have ended the debate on the validity of Pancasila and the spirit of the Jakarta Charter. So far, there is no clause in the Sukarno decree 50 years ago. Until the amendment of the Constitution from 1945 until four times from 1999 to 2002, the editorial clause that underpinned the revision of the 1945 Constitution was not in question. This indicates that the gentlemen`s agreement remains in force and that it should be the cornerstone of the construction of this country and this nation. This freedom is indeed the right of all nations, and that is why the colonization of the world must be abolished, because it is not in accordance with the fairies of humanity and the modes of justice. Since the adoption of the decree of 5 July 1959, all the laws that replace the 1945 Constitution, namely the SIF Constitution and the Provisional Constitution of 1950, which came into force after the Natsir Integral Motion, are no longer valid.

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