Akc Lease Agreement

6. Humane Society/Animal Control/ USDA/3rd Party 6.1 In the event of such an incident, the tenant understands that you were only the temporary keeper of this dog and it is clear that this dog has been rented and that I am the rightful owner, the dog must be returned to me as is and in the condition of the breasts. 6.2 For whatever reason that one of them or an unmentioned agency takes possession of the breeding dog, you must inform me immediately and tell the Agency, by proving this contract, that you do not own the dog and that it is the property of Aimee Cakebread. 6.3 In the case of possession by a third party, the tenant is responsible for all costs incurred for the reimbursement of the breeding dog. 6.4 If possession takes place by a third party and I am able to retrieve the dog, but it has been fixed. They will be responsible for US$3500.00 which will be immediately paid to the owner of the farm dog, as he would not return to the condition he left at the time and was not removable. 2. AKC Papers 2.1 As male dog rental contracts are not accepted, in the absence of a rental notification form, this contract/contract will be considered as such. 2.2 The breeding dog is registered with AKC and remains exclusively on behalf of the current owner of the breeding dog. 2.3 He will not add a co-owner to the AKC papers, nor will he add the tenant`s name to the breeding dog akc documents. 2.4 The owner of the breeding dog agrees to print, give and sign all AKC shooting registration applications, in which the stud dog shown above is the father. 2.6 The tenant agrees that there will be no breeding of multiple fathers.

If this happens, the DNA of the breeding dog is used at the tenant`s expense plus DNA for all puppies and females. 2.7 The tenant agrees that there may be outdoor breeding for other females that are not in the tenant`s possession. The owners of breeding dogs do not apply other fees for these farms and, when a livestock tax is paid, the money is paid to the tenant and not to the owner of the breeding dog. The owner of the breeding dog agrees to sign all AKC scope registration applications in which the Stud Dog shown above is the father. 3. Delivery/Delivery 3.1 The tenant is responsible for the delivery and shipping costs to bring the dog mentioned to the tenant and is responsible for the costs of bringing the dog mentioned to the owner.

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