20 Years Of The Information Technology Agreement

Over the past 20 years, the Information Technology Agreement (ITA) has improved global access to high-tech products such as computers, mobile phones and semiconductors. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of ITA, this publication analyses the impact of ITA on its participants and the global trade in computer products and shows how the agreement has not only made high-tech products more affordable, but has also helped promote innovation and support the integration of developing countries into global production networks. The publication is part of a two-day event organized by the WTO to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the ITA. You can find the agenda here. The publication shows how ITA`s global exports have more than tripled over the past 20 years and now account for 15% of total products, surpassing the shares of automotive, textile and clothing and pharmaceuticals. Since the removal of tariffs was included in their WTO commitment plans, ITA participants extended duty-free treatment to all members on the basis of the Most Favoured Nation (MFN), bringing the benefits of the agreement to WTO membership. “);e.close();var k=e.createElement(“script”);k&(k.type=”text/javascript”,k.text=a,e.body.appendChild(k))`catch(f)`z(f,”JS-Ausnahme beim Injizieren von iframe”)-Rückgabe d,z=function(a,c)-f.ueLogError(a,-logLevel:”ERROR”,attribution:”A9TQForensics”,message:c))-,I=function(a,c,b)`a=`vfrd:1===c` 8″:”4″,dbg:a;” object”===typeof b?a.info=JSON.stringify(b):”string”===typeof b&&(a.info=b);return-server.window.locationname, fmp:a-;(funktion(a)-Funktion c(a,c,b)-var l=”chrm msie ffox sfri opra phnt slnm othr extr xpcm invs poev njs cjs rhn clik1 rfs uam clik stln snd nfo hlpx clkh mmh chrm1 chrm2 wgl srvr zdim nomime chrm3 otch ivm.tst ivm.clk mmh2 clkh2 achf nopl”.split(” “;r=ah-d))-bd.push(`x:a.clientX,y:a.clientY`);if(50b.length))))`var e=b[0].x t=b[49].x .m-b[0].y,f-49].a-f-m;for (var k-e-t,e-e-e,t-b[49].ts-b[0].ts,m-0,f-0,f-0;f-a.screenHeight|| 1>.a.screen.availBreite|| 1>.a.screen.|| 1>.a.screen.width|| 0>.a.screen.devicePixelRatio) (1) 0); var w-window.setInterval (function)`var a-b (); a.isSel-0 (6,!0-a.isTest?1:0,a.info),window.clearInterval (w)`,1E3); window.set Timeout (function()window.cle 1E4;x-a.PointerEvent;a.PointerEvent-function ()`c (11;if (void 0-x)`var a-array.prototype.slice.call (arguments);return new x (a)`return null`;d(); A (a); k() 0 – a.outerHeight – 0! || c (29); B () v() || navigator.plugins-0! `navigator.plugins.length|| (n? c (38.0, hrm)) :p.isFirefox () G (C,10) -catch (D)-z (D,” Exception JS – “)) (r)) (ue_csm,window,document); ◬ The publication highlights how lower costs and the increased availability of computers and mobile phones have improved internet access and the growth of the digital economy, creating new business opportunities.

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