Term Of Agreement Dansk

The customer may only pass on the material provided by Statistics Denmark to the employees of the company, the institution or the department who are listed on the front page of the contract. The customer is not allowed to pass on the material delivered to third parties. The transfer, loan, rental or sale of data not processed by the customer to third parties is subject exclusively to a separate agreement with Statistics Denmark. In case of non-compliance, Statistics Denmark appeals against the client and, if necessary, against a third party. If the client does not publish the results obtained on the basis of the assignment within a period corresponding to the use indicated at the time of the conclusion of the contract, Statistics Denmark reserves the right, given its general obligation of social information, to publish these results without financial compensation. The same conditions apply when Statistics Denmark decides to publish service-related results after the client`s publication. Statistics Denmark also reserves the right to process, publish and comment on the material provided if the customer uses the material in a way that Statistics Denmark believes can lead to abuses, erroneous conclusions, etc. Similarly, Statistics Denmark has the right to perform third-party tasks that are part of the task in question. Statistics Denmark reserves the right to collect, in addition to the agreements provided in the agreement, a fee for advisory services related to the completion of the transfer. When the agreement is for the provision of statistics on a population provided by the customer, the client and Statistics Denmark must first enter into a data processing agreement.

When the data processing contract is signed by both parties, the customer can transmit population data via encrypted FTP access, tunnel access or an encrypted email. In the event of termination or termination of the contract, Statistics Denmark has the right to obtain a full payment for partial tasks already performed under the agreement. Payment terms are 30 days. The invoice must be filed within five business days of the delivery of the assignment. Warnings are issued in the event of a default payment and, in the event of continued non-payment, the debt is returned to the Central Tax Administration (SKAT) for collection. In addition, Statistics Denmark has the right to collect an injunction fee for each claim or recall and to calculate late interest on outstanding amounts. Unless otherwise stated, subscriptions are subject to a minimum duration of 12 months (civil year – or statistical year corresponding to the reference year of the statistics concerned), but subject to the possibility of canceling subscriptions. The client and Statistics Denmark each mandate an interlocutor for the market. The other party should be notified as soon as possible in the event of a replacement. It is the interlocutor`s responsibility to ensure that the transfer is made in accordance with the agreement and that the obligations arising from the agreement are generally fulfilled.

Each party must notify the other party of the conditions that may prevent the assignment from being carried out within the agreed time frame or conditions.

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