Surveymonkey Master Services Agreement

“services,” products and services offered by SurveyMonkey and ordered by the customer on an order form. 15.4 Full agreement. This agreement (including all documents contained in this document by reference to a URL or other means, and an order form) constitutes the entire agreement between the Client and SurveyMonkey and replaces all other preconditions or preconditions, written or orally, relating to its purpose. All terms and conditions that appear in an order or similar document issued by the Customer or the Customer`s boarding, billing or creditor portal do not apply to the Services, do not apply or are part of this Agreement and are not valid. (c) be responsible for the actions and omissions of its subcontractors to the extent that SurveyMonkey is liable when the services of each of these subcontractors provide directly in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, unless otherwise pursuant to this Agreement. SurveyMonkey offers a variety of different services. Some services are subject to specific conditions and guidelines (including rules and guidelines) (“Additional Conditions”). These additional conditions will be part of your agreement with us if you use these services. For example, if you use our survey services, the terms of use of the survey platform apply. If you need to inform us, use our central address for emails and send a copy to

We are constantly improving our services. Please tell us what you think of our services. If you send us comments, we can use it, and we owe you nothing but our esteem and gratitude. b) Communications to SurveyMonkey. Communications to SurveyMonkey must be sent to SurveyMonkey, One Curiosity Way, San Mateo, CA 94403, Usa, which has been brought to the attention of the legal department, with a copy at Emails are not sufficient to provide SurveyMonkey with non-routine legal information (including claims, infringement notifications and redundancy notifications). The customer can issue permissions, permissions, extensions and consents via email. We may suspend our services for several reasons: (a) the completion of planned maintenance work; b) You are violating our terms of use; c) to prevent property damage for you, our other customers or SurveyMonkey; or (d) it is prescribed by law. Terms of services available through our Enterprise sales team When the customer`s subscription to the service is interrupted, all end-user accounts (including all admin accounts) will be downgraded to the lower level of each personal account as part of the customer`s SME subscription, and it does not have access to the extended functionality available only for paying SME business accounts. These personal accounts are subject to the terms and conditions of (“Downgrade”). If the customer wishes to take back control of these accounts, he must contact the affected end users. SurveyMonkey generally does not transfer control of such an account without the permission of the end-user to control it.

We can use your company`s name, logo and description on how you use our services on our site, in profit calls and in marketing and promotional materials. You consent to these conditions by clicking or pressing a button indicating your consent to these conditions, by executing a document that returns them, or by using the services.

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