Psac Agreement Leave

14.14 The employer grants unpaid leave to an elected full-time Alliance public servant within one (1) month following the announcement of such an election. The duration of this leave is valid for the length of time the worker holds this position. 36.02 If a number of interruptions are necessary for the treatment of a given pregnancy condition, absenteeism is placed on sick leave. 38.09 If a worker dies or ceases to have a job in another way, the worker or the worker`s estate receives an amount equal to the proceeds calculated by multiplying the number of hours of leave earned but not used by the wage on the worker`s balance with the hourly wage established in the classification established in the act of appointment of the worker at the time of the termination of the worker`s employment. except that the employer grants the worker leave that is granted by the worker before the termination of employment by dismissal, but which is not used if the worker requests it under the requirement to meet the minimum continuous employment requirements for the starting salary. 5.01 In the event that a law passed by Parliament applicable to workers annuls any provision of this agreement, the other provisions remain in force for the duration of the contract. The last contract was signed in August 2019 and is valid until June 21, 2022. 46.05 A worker is entitled to a (1) paid funeral leave for the death of his brother-in-law or sister-in-law. A part-time worker earns sick leave credits of one-quarter (1/4) of the number of hours during a worker`s normal work week for each calendar month in which the worker was paid for at least double the hours during the worker`s normal work week.

the duration of unpaid parental leave indicated in the original leave application may be extended by an equal period to that of the child`s hospitalization during which the worker was not on parental leave. However, the extension ends no later than four hundred (104) weeks after the day the child is placed in the care of the worker. “We are pleased to have reached another agreement with the Public Service Alliance of Canada and are encouraged by the progress we are making in our negotiations. Once again, this interim agreement shows that our government remains committed to agreements that are aware of today`s economic and fiscal environment, fair to workers and reasonable to Canadians. 14.07 If a staff representative wishes to discuss a complaint with a worker who has requested or is required to have the Alliance represented when making his complaint, the employer will grant him, if the company`s requirements permit, appropriate leave with pay if the discussion takes place at his headquarters and an appropriate leave of absence without pay if it takes place outside his headquarters.

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