Good Friday Agreement Essay

81 Connla Young, “Sinn Fein Say Good Friday Agreement Facing Its Biggest Threat,” Irish News, 14 May 2019, The 1998 agreement came to a period of considerable optimism after the Cold War about the prospects for a solution to the long-standing political conflict, from the Middle East to Colombia to the Balkans. The passage of time has dampened these hopes, as many conflicts have proved resistant to a solution and even the agreements, which have remained intact, have proved largely disappointing in carrying out genuine reconciliation. The 1998 agreement certainly fell into this category, but the brutal violence did not re-appear. As the international community reflects on future peace efforts in Afghanistan, Yemen, South Sudan and beyond, the peace process in Northern Ireland continues to provide important lessons for scientists and practitioners. 102 Whether the agreement is really a consonance agreement is controversial among political scientists, see White, “Lessons from the Northern Ireland Peace Process: An Introduction, 4; and the articles quoted in Note 2. We both recognize that such a new agreement is feasible and viable only if it can acquire and enjoy the loyalty of the island`s different traditions, meeting diversity and ensuring national reconciliation.28 (emphasizing) In this context, there are significant similarities with the way in which the Dayton Process shaped the substance of the Dayton Agreements that ended the fighting in Bosnia. Both trials included the hard men who fuelled the conflict, resulting in agreements that similarly froze sectarian identity within the colony, thus continuing the underlying conflict. In both cases, hopes were dashed that time and public pressure would lead to an evolution of political arrangements away from their sectarian roots. The agreement came after many years of complex discussions, proposals and compromises.

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