Credit Card Sponsorship Agreement

In terms of production capacity, external policy factors can also have unintended consequences on BIN`s sponsorship decision. For too long, companies have relied on interbank rate revenues and adapted their business models accordingly. When the EU lowered inter-trade rates for consumer products across the EU, this had a profound impact. An essential component of any bin sponsorship, overseas companies wishing to expand into EU markets, could apply the same strategy that has served them well in other international markets without taking due account. With Treezor BIN Sponsorship, take the opportunity to quickly and cheaply launch your card issuance project in Europe. The common solution would see that companies go to issuers that can offer bin sponsorship, it seems that it is never so simple for many reasons that companies should consider. Bin sponsorship may require careful project management, so it is essential to outline barriers and objectives. Many deadlines to completion are schematic and issuers will follow a service level agreement, but in some cases, implementation delays and service benefits are sold to potential customers. This can lead to unfulfilled promises and disrupt the market.

Treezor, a senior member of the Mastercard system and with the necessary authorisations from regulators, is able to provide a BIN sponsorship service. Treezor can thus, through its licence, assign ICA and BINs Manager programmes for the issuance of payment cards in the European Union. Banking Identification Number (BIN) Sponsorship is a quick shortcut for many companies that get their offer on the market both in Switzerland and abroad. BIN sponsorship allows companies to process payments through an intermediary who is a direct member of the program. The Treezor team helps you throughout the project with the scheme to ensure the effectiveness and compliance of the card program. Treezor provides access to the Mastercard network and ensures that the program complies with the technical constraints of the electronic payment chain and the current LCB-FT rules, regardless of the card program: prepaid, debit, credits, meal vouchers… Depending on the type of collaboration chosen, Treezor can coordinate all actions with the various important partners: processor, printer, regulator, KYC supplier. . “There is a narrow line between ambitious and excellent customer service and the distortion of the truth of the situation,” Smith said. “I am open and transparent when it comes to telling a company whether they can do something or not.

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