Agreement Matrix

Bethune twice turned down the high-level position, even though he was already CoO of Continental. The first offer was to work as executive CEO during the CEO`s six-month leave, and the second was to serve in the CEO`s office after that management decided to retire. Although the board members respected Bethune, they believed that the only way to restore profitability was to further reduce costs, a way in which Bethune was convinced that it would lead to disaster and not to liberation. Given the significant discrepancies in the restoration of profitability, Bethune knew that he could not do anything without the full authority that came with high-level work, without the qualifiers of “action” or “offices of”. Power tools can be extremely effective in low compliance situations. The key is the power to use it. Managers sometimes find themselves in balkanized conditions, without being able to use the only instruments that lead to cooperation under these conditions. If managers are invited to lead a project team that is matricized or “light” and whose loyalty is at odds with the objectives of the project, the path to success, for example. B, will be tortuous.

Just as a carpenter would never take a job without the tools in his toolbox, an intelligent manager in a low-consensus environment would not agree to lead a change program without the authority to use the right power tools. Executives who want to move their organizations in a new direction must first understand the extent to which employees agree on two dimensions: what they want from the work in the company and the cause and effect, or how they can achieve what they want, what they want. A high match in both dimensions, as is the case with Apple Computer, requires a completely different set of change tools than frames, for example, in low-contract environments. We found earlier that there was no “better” position in the agreement matrix; Each quadrant has its own challenges. A company`s position may reflect where it is in its life cycle and is largely determined by its success.

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